Anticipated release: Fall 2019



OVERVIEW: The North Philly public school system is - to put it mildly - overwhelmed. Beset by drugs, casual violence and apathy, the system is falling apart under the weight of its own problems. Desperate for a better education, some inner-city parents have turned to an unlikely place - a newly opened resource center in Germantown offering an alternative educational program run by a 75 year old suburban grandpa.

FILMMAKERS: Directed and photographed by Tim Grucza and Rachel Beth Anderson.

Edited by Ben Gold

Produced by Joe Plummer, Jenifer Westphal and Bobby Reed


how to be normal

OVERVIEW: After his autism diagnosis at age six, Kyle spent four very unusual but enlightening years in his parents’ basement trying to learn how to be like every other kid - “normal.” Through a combination of archival, newly shot footage and animation this feature length documentary takes an unflinching look at how a single diagnosis set an entire family on a quest to redefine the world of “normal.”

FILMMAKERS: Directed by Katie Taber

Edited by Amanda Larson

Produced by Joe Plummer


maybe next year

OVERVIEW: Every sports nut knows there’s something a little off about Eagles fans. And every Eagles fan - after decades of crushing heartbreak - has accepted the grim reality of, well, maybe next year… The feature documentary spotlights those Philadelphians who put the ‘fan’ in fanatical all while following the team’s wildly unpredictable 2017 season and Super Bowl run.

FILMMAKERS: Directed by Kyle Thrash

Cinematography by Michael Faller

Edited by Matt Schaff

Produced by Joe Plummer and Ian Ross


the foursome

OVERVIEW: Iowa’s Waukon Golf Club is so small that a round of 18 means playing the 9 hole course twice. But the Iowa course created something Augusta and Pebble Beach never could - a friendship that has lasted well beyond 18 holes. This short documentary follows a lively foursome as they play their fiftieth outing at the Waukon Men’s Invitational - luckily, if one happens to kick the bucket, they have an alternate ready to hop off the bench.

FILMMAKERS: Directed and photographed by Zack McTee

Edited by Anthony Mascorro

Produced by Joe Plummer and Zack McTee